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Our Story

We are sisters from Beaumont Michelle (left) and Louise (right). Our story began last November when we both had our first babies just four days apart, a little boy called Jimmie and a little girl called Katie. Once the babies hit the pivotal three month mark we started looking for different places to visit and discovered play cafes. After frequenting a number of play cafes around Dublin and eating a lot of cake, we really felt there was room for a new kid on block on the north side of the city and so the idea of Little Darlings Play Cafe was born.

Why Us?

  • Safe, clean environment
  • Fun interactive activities
  • Plenty of buggy space available
  • Plentiful FREE parking onsite
  • Competitive entry fees
  • High quality coffee & yummy homemade treats made with a lot of love
  • Loyalty cards available
  • Family discounts apply
  • Enclosed outdoor green area

An exciting new venture

Growing up in Beaumont, we really wanted to start our new venture in a local venue. Being former beavers and cubs, Santry Scouts Den seemed like the ideal place as it provides what we deemed all the key ingredients for our play cafe i.e.nice safe area, plenty of buggy space, free parking, and an enclosed outdoor green space. It also gives us the opportunity to support our local community while meeting all you lovely families!


The Story continued....


After two busy yet very happy years of running Little Darlings Play Cafe, we've passed the reigns to the new owner Susan Moran as Michelle begins the journey of motherhood once again to baba number 2! Sue is a mother of two lovely girls (Rebecca and Jessica) and is very excited about the new opportunity to continue to welcome all you lovely mammies, daddies, nannies and childminders and to get to know your little darlings.

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